July 22, 2010 at 10:22 PMJeremy

Jonathan is two!  We recently had a party for him, and knowing how much he's into sports, I tried my hand at making cake balls decorated to look like sports balls.  Very challenging, but they didn't turn out half bad:

Jonathan particularly liked the "football chocolate" and threw a fit to get more of the "laces" on the tops of the footballs.

We had the family over for cake and gifts, and everybody enjoyed watching the kids play.

Later on, after everyone had left the party, we were out in the back yard so Jonathan could practice his putting.  He put down his club and said, "Slide!" which is usually an indication that he wants us to lift him up and set him on top of his slide and then hold his hands as he goes down.  This time, however, he walked over to the stairs at the back of the playset and started climbing up.

He got to the top and walked over to the slide, sat down, and was off.  He did it again, and again, and again, and again.  While I was a little worried that he's starting to take bigger and bigger risks, I was also relieved that I don't have to keep lifting him up over and over so he can slide.  He's getting heavy.

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