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July 6, 2010 at 6:00 PMJeremy

Marci and I recently took a few days for a mini-vacation for just the two of us, and headed down to San Antonio.  I'm just going to go on record right now as saying that I don't ever want to take another vacation to a climate that is the same as the one I'm leaving.  Going from hot, humid Waco to hot, humid San Antonio was not the best plan.  Day 1 we parked near the Rivercenter Mall, with the intention of going everywhere on foot.  We explored the Alamo, then decided to follow the map in a brochure we'd found to visit some of the other four missions in San Antonio.  Even being a native Texan I had no idea that there were other missions besides the Alamo that were still standing in San Antonio.  It was only supposed to be a couple of miles to the next mission, Mission Concepción, but after quite a bit of walking, we seemed to still be a long way off, and we were definitely starting to feel like we were off the beaten path.  Also, as previously stated, it was hot and humid.  I did get a few "urban" shots, though, so there was something to show for our walk:

It wasn't long after the pig building that we decided to turn back and head to more familiar ground.  We had lunch along the Riverwalk and then went to Market Square.  I was still kinda interested to see what these other Spanish missions looked like, so we went back to the car and drove to Mission San José.  It was very scenic and serene, except for, you know, that whole hot and humid thing.

This is the Rose Window, one of the best examples of Spanish colonial ornamentation.

Clearly, the mission has been preserved in its original, native state.

After that, we went to Mission Concepción, which is the oldest un-restored church in America.  It was much smaller than Mission Alamo and Mission San José, but it was very beautiful.


After that we went back to the room, as Marci was starting to feel the effects of heat exhaustion.  She wound up sleeping for a few hours, so when she woke up we had a late dinner at a little Italian place near our hotel.

The next day we went to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels.  I didn't bring my camera, but maybe I should have given the heart-breaking sight.  Recent rainstorms caused flooding, which forced them to shut down all of the river-fed rides, which was about 90% of the old park.  It was sad, and a little frustrating, to see all those rides bone dry, and the pools filled with brown, cloudy water.  We did get a discount on admission, but it was very crowrded at the Surfenburg and Blastenhoff parks.  Still, we had a lot of fun, and while it was still hot and humid, we didn't mind much.

After our day at the water park, we had dinner at Clear Springs Restaurant, and then headed back to San Antonio.  We walked up and down the Riverwalk as the sun set, just looking at all the sights.  All in all, we had a lot of fun.

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