I Want To Believe

May 15, 2008 at 8:58 AMJeremy

Okay, so the first time late July or early August that we're able to get somebody to babysit, we'll probably sleep.  But the next time, we'll go see this: 

In Theaters July 25th

I'm amazed that this movie still went forward after so many years on hiatus.  Still, watching the trailer brought back so many fond memories.  X-Files is definitely one of my top TV shows of all time.  This one won't involve any of the main "mythology" storyline (alien invasions and all that) but instead will be a so-called "monster of the week" story, so even if you didn't much follow the TV series, you'll be able to enjoy the movie.

Nice Dell product placement.

In other movie news, following on the popularity of Transformers, Ridley Scott is producing a move adaptation of another Hasbro property: Monopoly.  Hollywood has clearly run out of ideas.

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