December 23, 2007 at 3:13 PMJeremy

Last week I made my last frivolous purchase for a while... a new katana and wall hanger.

I'd already bought a katana from Brandon back some time when he was wanting money as an excuse to buy something--probably a paintball gun.  It was a replica of Duncan MacLeod's sword from the TV series Highlander.  To carry on the collection, I found a replica of the sword used by Hiro Nakamura and Takezo Kensei in the new series Heroes.  But just because it's modeled after a TV prop, it's not a display piece or toy.  It's a full tang Musashi katana, very sharp, with a genuine wooden scabbard and real leather-wrapped handle.  Rather than making a fake sword based on a TV prop, this is a real sword that was changed slightly to look like the TV show.  It even came with the back strap that Hiro uses to carry the sword in the show--but no, for fans of the show, the bottom of the hilt doesn't open to reveal the story scrolls Hiro leaves in the sword in Season 2.  This is strictly a Season 1 sword, I guess.

On top: the sword of Duncan MacLeod.  On bottom: the sword of Hiro/Kensei.

This piece was practically the entire inspiration for the decor of the master bedroom.  Our bedding already has an Oriental feel to it, with dragon embroidery on the pillows.  I pictured the bed, the red walls, the black lacquer trim, and the swords with some other Asian elements.  It's still not finished (we'd like to redo the floors and I'd like to add crown molding and new baseboards, plus new furniture), but it's getting closer.

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