BU Homecoming

October 30, 2010 at 6:22 PMJeremy

Last weekend was the annual Baylor Homecoming parade.  It was overcast and warmer than last year, but still pleasant.

These people were set up to watch the parade in style.  Next year I'll bring a bed and show them up.

Bear on a Segway.  Sic 'em, laziness.

BUGWB was well-represented, as always.

Run!  It's a giant bear!

I really liked this Mario themed float, "Super Smash the Wildcats".  They had a go-kart out front and the scene behind the castle had Koopas and Pirahna Plants.  Pretty authentic, but I'm not sure why Mario and Luigi have on winged caps and didn't fly once... maybe they couldn't figure out how to triple jump...

Jonathan preferred the floats that had a "CHOO-CHOO TRAIN THOMAS!" on them.

One of the groups was giving out little footballs, and Jonathan got one.

He was pretty excited.

Another appearance by the NoZe brothers.  Gotta keep up with what's going on in The Rope somehow...

Daddy, those guys are kinda weird...

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