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July 27, 2008 at 9:40 PMJeremy

I was copying files from my RAZR to a higher-capacity SD card, and found these pictures:

This is Puzzleboy.  He's a... I don't know... a semi-articulated guy made out of wood.  Here at work, he's something of a trophy.  Being problem-solving geeks like we are, our project manager would hold puzzle contests for our department - word puzzles, visual puzzles, logic stuff.  The winner receives ownership of Puzzleboy, along with bragging rights, such as they are.  Since I joined over a year ago, I have continuously retained control of Puzzleboy.   Yes, I am in fact that awesome ("awesome" is being used today in place of "dorky").  Actually, after a few months, our project manager got promoted out of our department and stopped holding the contests.

After many months of having Puzzleboy just standing on my desk, I started getting creative.  He sat on the edge of my pencil cup for a while, I tried to have him do a handstand or push-ups, stuff like that.  Then I started getting little trinkets to decorate him with.

Puzzleboy on April Fools' Day.

Puzzleboy at Easter.

Puzzleboy on July 4th.

One day, I had a magical combination of fear that I would someday lose control of Puzzleboy, along with a healthy dose of boredom, and topped with having a box of Pixelblocks in my desk that Marci had given to me, and this was the result:

Puzzleboy and Pixelboy - the Dynamic Duo.

This is Pixelboy.  He's my stand-in in case I ever lose a puzzle contest, and a memento to my year-long reign as puzzle champion.

When I came in to work last Friday, I noticed that Puzzleboy had gone missing!  Our new admin assistant in our department has decided to re-establish our regular puzzle contests.  I must now defend my reign or risk no longer having a bunch of wooden blocks held together by an elastic cord.  The situation is dire indeed.  Wish me luck!

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