Busy Thanksgiving

December 1, 2008 at 9:11 AMJeremy

This has been my first long holiday (two days plus a weekend) in quite a while.  I started my day like most others, with an early morning jog.  By leaving 15-20 minutes later than I usually do, I figured I'd have a shot at some good sunrise pictures, so I stashed my camera.

As an aside, let me just state that I absolutely love my Nikon D40.  My only gripe is that it won't autofocus with many Nikon lenses, but other than that, it's a spectacular camera.  Some people prefer bigger, bulkier cameras, and even add on battery grips to make them more unwieldy.  I, on the other hand, popped the lens and body caps onto my kit lens and camera, stowed each in a different pocket of my jacket, and had perhaps the world's only pocket SLR, which is how I got these shots:

Hoop Dreams.

"My" tree.  (See here)

Retail marketing certainly has messed up people's concept of time.  I started noticing some insane souls running their Christmas lights the day after Halloween, and saw this guy still out in someone's yard on Thanksgiving:


Anyway, once everybody at our house was awaken, dressed, and fed, we shot on down to Harker Heights for Thanksgiving lunch with the Segars clan. 

Jonathan and Pops.

Nephew Michael (I think I've seen his dad a time or two with that same look on his face...)


A boy and his wagon.

Hey, put down that camera and help me pull this thing!

Pooch on the porch.

Before departing, we took a family photo.  I had to do a lot of post-processing work, since I goofed and had my camera way too far away from my subjects.  I should've zoomed wider and pulled it closer to catch more reflected light from the flash.  Oh well, live and learn.  I'm still new to this whole game.

Test shot setting up the camera.

No idea what's going on here...

The Segars/Dieterich families.

Jonathan wasn't facing the camera because he'd just konked out.  Momma must've had too much turkey...

Here are some full-size versions for anyone who wants to print them:

DSC_9049lg.jpg (3.22 mb)

DSC_9052lg.jpg (3.46 mb)

After a smooth ride back home, we relaxed at home for a bit before heading on to Nana's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Before we left, I was wandering around outside and spotted my bunny with a friend:

We had a great dinner, and we got Jonathan home and in bed not long after his normal bedtime.  All in all, it was a day to be thankful for.