Aperture and You

October 12, 2008 at 10:49 PMJeremy

Mom's in a photography class.  I'd have taken it with her, but Marci might not have been too fond of me being out of the house every week.  Still, the assignments sound like fun.  This week they were supposed to be learning about aperture and shutter speed, two of the three components (along with ISO) to balance for a perfect exposure.  The aperture is like the pupil of the eye - if it's narrow only a little light gets in; if it's wide open, a lot of light gets in.  One way this impacts photography is in the depth of field, the range of depth that's in focus.  By changing the aperture, you can determine if all the details in a scene are crisp, or if some elements (like the background) are blurry, drawing attention to the subject.

Here's my entry, hastily recreating a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Yeah, I cheated - they're supposed to shoot in Manual, but I did Aperture-Priority so that the camera would figure the rest out for me.

And here's a practical application: at f/4.5, the focus stays on Jonathan, and not the junk in the background (or my wife's sexy legs)

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