March 10, 2009 at 10:35 PMJeremy

First, some back story.  At my last job, my good friends Mark and Sean (and eventually Chris) and I would try to find fun ways to goof off during our lunch hour, if for no other reason than to keep us from going to someplace like D's or Michna's every day.  Whenever the weather was too hot or too cold, we'd go downstairs to shoot pool at Cricket's or head to Tom's Smokehouse for some great barbecue and free play Street Fighter II, but when the weather was just right, we'd head over to Cameron Park for disc golf.


For the uninformed, disc golf (or Frisbee golf, though few people actually use Frisbee discs) plays much like real golf, only with flying discs instead of a ball and clubs.  You tee off, play down the fairway, and finally putt, aiming for a big metal basket with chains to catch your disc.  There are even drivers and putters, discs with different shapes to achieve either greater distance or more control.

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Anyway, all that was to say that after quite a bit of hiatus, those of us left in Central Texas have been getting back into the swing of it.  Chris, Paul, and I have met up a few times during lunch to play the front nine, and this past Saturday we met up with Matt Welstead and one of Paul's friends to play the full 18.  I think I wound up in the middle at +8; I got three birdies, but a quad-bogey and some other misfortune made up for it.

I also brought my camera along to practice getting action shots.  I didn't get much that was terribly compelling; it's hard to take pictures and play at the same time.  As usual, though, live and learn.  I'll get quicker on the draw spotting good shots, and a good telephoto zoom should help as well so I don't have to be right on top of the action.

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