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April 30, 2008 at 10:07 PMJeremy

I recently added a print stylesheet to my blog.  Mom has been printing pages from mine and Brandon's blogs to give to our grandmother, but mine were cutting off when it printed.  It never occured to me to see what my blog would look like in print.

For anybody who cares about this sort of thing, a web developer can design a stylesheet (a sheet that defines the styles of elements on the page) specifically for different media: print in this case.  That makes it super easy to hide unnecessary DIV elements (like the header, footer, and side menus), and change fonts and colors to be more friendly to printers.  Hopefully more developers will catch on and we can stop seeing separate "printer-friendly" page layouts, basically building the same page twice.

I'm not all that stylish, so I may have cut my print style back a little far, but it should be considerably more readable this way.

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