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April 8, 2011 at 10:00 PMJeremy

I haven't posted in forever, so I've got a lot of make-up work to do.  Here are just some random photos I've recently taken that I thought were cool.

I had to take a business trip to Forth Worth in January (yeah, really behind); this is the view I had from my hotel room. (it's amazing the kind of long exposures you can get with just the self-timer and propping the camera on its strap)

I was getting ready for work one day and spotted this guy (and what appears to be what was left of his prey) atop our brush pile.  Not as pretty as I'd like, but I was shooting through the back door window so as to not disturb him.

The "super moon" taken with a not-so-super-telephoto lens.

Squirrel, also shot from the back door.

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March 31, 2009 at 9:30 PMJeremy

Rabbit sitting in grass
Bunny in Waiting.

This rabbit has sat in this one particular spot in our yard so much that she made a hole there. There's no nest there. There is one in the yard not too far from that spot, though; I think she's keeping watch from a distance.

Bird standing on fenceline
Pretty bird.

Thought this bird picture looked pretty, especially with the blurred background. Maybe I just hadn't noticed before, but around the neighborhood and along my way to work, I keep seeing these trees that have bloomed the prettiest pinks and purples. I wish I'd had time to get out and get more pictures, since they're all about bloomed out. I'm sure Mom knows what species they are.

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September 4, 2008 at 7:22 PMJeremy

I've been keeping an eye out for my "pets" that live in the back yard.  I was going through some older pictures and noticed a similarity:

This is the lizard that lives in our back yard.

This little fella was in Palo Duro Canyon.  If you look closely, you can notice that it has the same spiny texture on its back.  Yes, these lizards are native to Texas, so it makes sense; it's just neat that I would've gotten a picture of one both places.

Similarly, Mom noticed with my last rabbit picture that one of the poor bunny's ears was chewed up.

Well, looking back, I noticed that same ear in a lot of pictures:

Yep, that must be the same Mrs. Bunny who had her babies in our back yard.  Guess she likes it here.

As long as I'm showing animals, here's some more:

The lizard chills out on the deck most days, but is quick to scurry back under it if I come out.  Must be camera shy.

One afternoon, Marci and I heard every manner of bird noise outside, and when I went to look I noticed some Blue Jays, some Cardinals, and a few other species, all in the tree in our deck, all making a racket.  I'm not sure what they were going on about; maybe a meeting of some kind. Not exactly birds of a feather, but flocking together nonetheless.

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For The Birds

May 3, 2008 at 9:53 PMJeremy

Here are a couple of little birds that were living in a nest in our shrub (I photographed them over the course of a few days - click to see the progression): 

I knew when it was the last day I'd see them out there because when I went to get a picture, one of the birds took flight, but he didn't get terribly far:

I think this is mom and dad.  I don't really know birds, so I'm not sure which is which, but these are the two birds that got into a fit anytime I got close to the nest.

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