My Boy

July 7, 2008 at 8:39 AMJeremy

Marci and Jonathan are still in the hospital, doing fine.  Marci's still pretty sore, but she's in good spirits and she's been healing pretty quickly.  I'll have to write more later, but I know right now everybody just wants to see pictures anyway.

Last Belly Shot - Not too bad for 2AM

Looks like a keeper!

Jonathan and Wella

Mommy and Baby

Snug as a bug...

Mimi likes him with his cap off

Well, that's all for now.  I spent last night in the hospital with the family, which wasn't the most sleep conducive (Providence should definitely consult with Ikea when they remodel their L&D floor), but Mimi came in this morning to relieve me so I could grab some breakfast, take a shower (I stink!), swap out some labor stuff for some baby stuff in our hospital bags, shoot off some emails at work, and maybe catch a quick nap.  Thanks to everyone who's helped out, come by to visit, or just sent a kind word of congratulations.  This kid's got a lot of people out there who love him.

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Views of Pregnancy

June 28, 2008 at 10:30 PMJeremy


I'm HOW big?

Baby makes a good table.

Immortalized in plaster.


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The Home Stretch

June 5, 2008 at 10:02 PMJeremy

We passed the 34 week mark.  Not much longer now.  Marci continues to look so beautiful.

All in all everything is going fine.  A little over a week ago, Marci had felt some contractions that disturbed her, and when she talked to the nurse practitioner about it, she checked and found that Marci was already 1cm dilated.  Not terribly much to worry about, but it got Marci a little freaked out.

This past week we talked to the doctor and he said everything was normal, and ran some fetal-something-something test that showed she has a very low chance of delivering at least in the very near term.  Hearing this set Marci much more at ease; now she's just feeling all the late pregnancy discomforts: feeling big and immovable, feeling the baby pushing into all her organs, and having all the aches and pains that come from her joints loosening up in preparation for the birth.  In spite of all that, she's been in great spirits.  She's really enjoyed her pregnancy so far (minus the nausea at the beginning).  She's eager to do it again (although she's going to have to wait [quite] a while on that). 

I'm amazed at just how great she's been through it all.  She's just been so content and excited about every little change.  She's really looking forward to being a mommy and hasn't had many of the usual pregnancy complaints.  She's not really had any sort of crazy food cravings (although it's hard to tell since some of her non-pregnant cravings were a little weird to start with).  She's not really lost much sleep; if anything, she's been sleeping better since she got pregnant.  No major mood swings or anything either.  And every doctor visit has been absolutely normal: the baby has grow at just the right rate, he's already head down and ready to go, and Mom's health has been great - blood work, weight, blood pressure - all fine. 

In all, I'd say we've been very blessed so far.  Hopefully that'll continue these past several weeks and on into our new phase as a family.

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24 . . .

March 24, 2008 at 10:07 PMJeremy

weeks.  There's definitely no hiding it at this point.

Marci just looks so radiant.

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March 3, 2008 at 10:21 PMJeremy

Well, we've crossed the 20 week mark (a week ago); halfway there.  Marci is feeling fine and is as happy as a lark, looking cuter and cuter in her maternity clothes.

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