I Am Iron Man

September 1, 2008 at 5:23 PMJeremy

This past weekend was our 6 year anniversary.  Wow, six years.  My how time flies. A lot has changed since our last anniversary: new house, new kid, Marci changed jobs and completed school.

When I look back over our six years together, I'm glad for all of it.  We didn't get to do a lot of traveling, and it seems like much of that 6 years we were either busy with school or were on different schedule.  But I am very grateful that we had the time we did to get to know each other and grow together as a couple before we started a family.  We even managed to travel and experience quite a bit, even if some of it was under atypical vacation circumstances like visiting family or traveling for business.  And now that we've started a family, I can't imagine going along this journey with anyone but Marci at my side.

About the title: the sixth anniversary is traditionally iron or candy.  Since, as one of my favorite authors says, "restrictions breed creativity," I've tried to stick to the traditional gift list to force myself to think a little more outside the box.  This year I went for both items on the list.

The candy part was an easy one, but I took it in an interesting direction.

Yep, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-dipped cookies, and chocolate truffles.  One time when I was working at July, somebody received some of these and set them out for the company to enjoy.  As you can imagine, both Mark and I rushed to take advantage. 

[Yes, Mom, I know it's fruit, but it's covered in chocolate.  I'd eat my own foot if it were dipped in chocolate.]

Anyway, I'd hung onto the name of the company just waiting for a special opportunity to share them with Marci.  Last Friday, Mom agreed to babysit Jonathan so we could have an anniversary dinner.  Rather than get dressed up and go out somewhere, we instead ordered in (135 Prime has pick-up dinners - swanky and convenient!) and enjoyed having the house to ourselves for a while.  For dessert, we had the strawberries and left the rest for later in the weekend.  

Yes, one of those is covered in white chocolate and coconut.  You can guess who ate that one [As to the "eating my own foot" comment earlier; I would've eaten the chocolate with coconut, but I'm so glad I didn't have to...]

For the iron part, I was totally stumped, until I did some creative Googling:

Yep, Marci had mentioned a time or two that she wanted a hair straightener, which I found out is also called a flat iron.  Why she wanted one (her hair is naturally straight) is beyond me.  Apparently there's some fancy styling stuff you can do with one even with straight hair.  Go figure.

All in all it was a fun evening.  Jonathan had fun at Mimi's house, we got to enjoy a quiet dinner alone, and Marci even had time to paint her nails.  Exciting indeed.

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