Snake on a Plane (the geometric kind, you know?)

September 16, 2011 at 9:24 AMJeremy

Since not everybody heard this story:

Some Saturday back in June, I was peeking out my back door, as I'm prone to do; I'll regularly see rabbits, lizards, birds, the occasional cat.  This time, though, I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye, right near the house.

Yeah, that's a snake.  Not some little grass snake, either.  Those don't bother me much, since I can just grab them and throw them out to another part of the yard.  I stepped out and kept my distance to get some pictures.

Then the thing climbed up into the bush next to the house!  I didn't feel quite right with a snake of that size being so close to the house, and I certainly didn't want Jonathan to go playing in the yard while it was there.

I was going to wait for it to come down again and then kill it, but I remembered that while we were working on my fence, Greg had captured a little garden snake and talked about finding some frogs to show his class.  I thought surely he would be interested in a bigger snake, but I wasn't about to try to catch it alive.  So he came over and did some snake wrangling:

So, funny ending to the story: Greg put the snake in a bucket and put something heavy on top of it.  They took it back to their house and left the bucket on the patio.  When Mom came out the next day, the bucket was open and the snake was gone!  She thinks the cat must've gotten curious about it and let it out.  Whatever happened, the snake has a nice place to live out in the country, and hopefully has no way of knowing how to get back to my house.

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Photography Catch-Up

April 8, 2011 at 10:00 PMJeremy

I haven't posted in forever, so I've got a lot of make-up work to do.  Here are just some random photos I've recently taken that I thought were cool.

I had to take a business trip to Forth Worth in January (yeah, really behind); this is the view I had from my hotel room. (it's amazing the kind of long exposures you can get with just the self-timer and propping the camera on its strap)

I was getting ready for work one day and spotted this guy (and what appears to be what was left of his prey) atop our brush pile.  Not as pretty as I'd like, but I was shooting through the back door window so as to not disturb him.

The "super moon" taken with a not-so-super-telephoto lens.

Squirrel, also shot from the back door.

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Hunting for Easter... Bunnies?

April 24, 2009 at 8:00 PMJeremy

I'm working on catching up from pictures I took around Easter time.  I apologize if several of these posts start with "A couple of weeks ago..."

A couple of weeks back, I was out in the yard raking out some of the places where the dead thatch has built up, when something jumped out from under the rake and stopped along the fence.  I thought it was a frog until I looked closer:

One of our little bunnies had outgrow its nest and was out exploring the world.  I ran inside to grab my camera and got Marci so she could see it.  While we were looking at it, I spotted another little ball of fur in the grass.  Then I checked the nest to see if any were still inside and found it empty, but with another bunny in the tall grass nearby.  Marci turned to go back inside, but I stopped her to point out another one that was just inches from her foot!

I'm pretty sure there were four in this litter, unless one took off before I'd discovered the others.  After that first day, they've gotten bigger and quicker.  I'll just see little blurs dart under the deck or along the fence between the sheds.  I've not seen more than one at a time since that first day, so I'm not sure if they're all still here, or if only one or two are sticking it out close to home. They've been too fast and too sneaky for me to get any more photos, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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Paging Doctor Dolittle

April 11, 2009 at 8:30 PMJeremy

One Saturday a couple of weeks back, I did as I normally do on mornings that I'm not too busy, and went out to check on my bunnies.  That's when a pretty unique thing happened.

First, there was the one bunny:

Then, a second bunny came in:

Then, a third bunny joined:

Then, a FOURTH bunny showed up:

Two bunnies were hiding in the grass (top right and bottom left).

A couple of squirrels were playing along the fence:

Our Texas Spiny Lizard even decided it was warm enough to come back out again:

I watched as a couple of the bunnies started playing tag, chasing one another through the yard.  They went back and forth for a while and then a third one joined in.  At this point, all three of them darted around the deck, behind the playset, and then THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, each one slide between the fence and the gate, leaving behind our one usual rabbit.


March 31, 2009 at 9:30 PMJeremy

Rabbit sitting in grass
Bunny in Waiting.

This rabbit has sat in this one particular spot in our yard so much that she made a hole there. There's no nest there. There is one in the yard not too far from that spot, though; I think she's keeping watch from a distance.

Bird standing on fenceline
Pretty bird.

Thought this bird picture looked pretty, especially with the blurred background. Maybe I just hadn't noticed before, but around the neighborhood and along my way to work, I keep seeing these trees that have bloomed the prettiest pinks and purples. I wish I'd had time to get out and get more pictures, since they're all about bloomed out. I'm sure Mom knows what species they are.

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